Founder & Director at Leading Edge Joinery


As a youngster I will be honest and say I was never academically talented but I have always had a passion for making things, had a good vision and I am very ambitious.


I started working for my Uncle at weekends whilst I was still at School, when I finished School I then worked for him full time.


I went on to working for a maintenance company whilst attending College and gaining my NVQ’s in Carpentry. 


After I gained my qualifications, I decided to take the leap and go self employed. 

Over the years I learnt masses of skills and knowledge. Which includes 1st and 2nd fix carpentry. 


I gained confidence in customer service whilst working in Army Barracks, Eton College, Schools and people’s homes.


I wanted more of a challenge and started working for a company that fitted bespoke oak staircases and there I continued to use my skills and create amazing products, that I was always proud of.


I met Craig who was my neighbour and he joined me at the company. He also shared the same passion and creative mind.


So with Craig as my business partner and a supportive family, my wife and two beautiful daughters, We created Leading Edge Joinery. 


We stride in perfection and have passion to push the business forward and excited to see what we can achieve.



Founder & Director at Leading Edge Joinery

For me, it all started with an enjoyment of taking things apart and figuring out how they go back together. I have always tried to gain objects and materials to create something beautiful or functional and it really does bring me gratification when it all comes together.

I have always had a passion for woodwork and began studying carpentry in college.
I thoroughly enjoyed learning all about wood, joinery and the skills & knowledge required to carry out jobs independently. After 2 years of studying, I had gained my qualification.

I also began to work for a retail company whilst maintaining my apprenticeship, stayed there for a few years, and discovered that every day was the same. I was not enjoying the job and I found myself not being able to put in the time or effort to achieve what I wanted & needed to with my carpentry qualification.

Nick was my neighbour at that time and was working for a staircase company, and after leaving my retail job I decided to join him. To begin with I was tagging along with him on his jobs to learn about staircases, bespoke furniture, and the different types of designs. I really enjoyed learning about and creating these projects, so, in April 2016 I had started working for the same company, fitting these staircase renovations and I realised that I had found my passion.

It has always been my dream to set up and run my own business. I was never happy working for somebody else and I wanted to put in the hard work to create a stable future for my family.

This is when Leading Edge Joinery was born!

Myself & Nick’s combined experience brings this wealth of knowledge to help our clients make their decisions on all the fine details from the style of their project, to the glass, ironmongery and finish.
Throughout the years of 2019 & 2020, myself and Nick began to take on private carpentry jobs and absolutely loved every step of it, from measuring the customers home to ordering the materials and fitting the furniture ourselves.

Leading Edge Joinery was registered in December 2020 and I am known as a director.
Being a company director involves a lot of decision making but it also means working with a team of managers and directors to maintain a high standard for the company to achieve the best results for us and our customers.   

To see several pieces of our materials slowly take shape into a beautiful bespoke project,
is truly satisfying. The finished result is just incredible, and it is the reason I love what I do.